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Digital marketing and types, how it helps to grow the Business

Digital marketing and types, how it helps to grow the Business:

Every time you use the Internet to tell people about your brand, you do Digital marketing. You can use any Digital marketing channel to reach potential customers, including social media, Email, and content marketing.

A Novice’s guide

Digital Marketing: How to sustain a digital brand, Marketing & Advertising  News, ET BrandEquity

Digital marketing is the promotion of brands via the Internet and other forms of digital communication. This includes Email, social media and web-based advertising, and text and multimedia messages.


Many reasons make Digital marketing necessary. It is a cost-effective way to reach and directly engage a larger audience. You can also gain valuable insights from Digital marketing campaigns to make better decisions.

Types of Digital marketing:

Email marketing:

9 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns You Need to Use | Maropost

Email marketing is usually selective but can also be used long-term. If you offer different coupons for a limited period, this can increase sales in the short term. Or to increase website traffic if you want to distribute blogs or newsletters.

Yes, you can design a great Email, but it will be lost if it ends up among hundreds of other Emails. Fortunately, there are Email marketing solutions to help you with this. email marketing is a great way to reach your customers, communicate with them, or send them a newsletter after a purchase. You can drive traffic to your website or sell items with special offers. This can also be useful. Analytics tools allow you to track factors such as primary distribution and even the number of clicks on a link.

  1. Welcome Emails 
  2. Automated lead nurturing email sequence
  3. Monthly email newsletter
  4. Cart abandonment Emails with a coupon
  5. Social media platforms


15 Hidden Facebook Features Only Power Users Know | PCMag

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform with over 2.6 million users. Facebook has a wealth of data that it can use to segment and target its users, allowing you to promote your business to the people most likely to be interested in your content. In addition, users on Facebook tend to relate to products, especially when compared to other platforms. Users of all ages and demographics use Facebook, and more than 90 million small businesses use Facebook.


Instagram is updating its web interface to take advantage of large screens  | TechCrunch

Instagram offers an exciting platform full of eye-catching photos and videos. Compared to Facebook, businesses with a profile on Instagram get much more engagement: 95% of users interact, which they define as following a brand, exploring their website, or buying their product)

PPC (Pay-per-click):

The Ultimate Guide to PPC Marketing

PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising is on search engines such as Google and Bing. It is a method of appearing at the top of search engine results pages in a paid way. It is called PPC because your advertising account is charged every time your ads are touched. The cost of per ad, or CPC (cost per click). PPC can be a short-term solution, and many use them to shift products or seasonal offers to increase sales. There are about four spots for ads on Google, so it can be a challenge to rank your website for a selected keyword. Many clients use both short-term and long-term PPC campaigns. Depending on what you are using your PPC for, it may be social media marketing.

content marketing:

What is Content Marketing? - Business 2 Community

Content marketing works on topics and information sharing to extend brand awareness. The aim is to get the reader to turn them into a buyer, request information, sign up for an email list, or sell a product. “Content” can include blog posts, resources such as white papers and e-books, digital videos, podcasts, and more. In general, they should provide value to the consumer first and foremost, not just promote the brand or try to sell content marketing is about building a lasting, loyal relationship with your customers that can lead to many buy over time, not just one transaction.

News marketing:

FDI in digital news: Industry says move in right direction - Exchange4media

Slicktext, The use of instant messaging apps, is on the rise. Apart from WhatsApp, almost all social media platforms have instant messages, which is a fantastic marketing strategy opportunity. 


Although there is various way of Digital marketing as technology has improved, The research and practice of Digital marketing are improving with the advancement of technology. The advancement in technology fosters multifaceted opportunities and, at the same time, poses unprecedented challenges for marketers.

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