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moving, breathing, feeling: yoga for ordinary folk

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Welcome to the home of folk unfold where Gaynor and Phil invite you to join us as we investigate the nature of all things through the ancient practice of yoga as taught using the five principles brought forth by Krishnamacharya, Desikachar and Mark Whitwell. The practices are both sacred and transformational whilst also being completely accessible to anyone who has an interest in learning the subtle yet powerful magic that is the movement of body with breath from above to below. These practices can be enjoyed independently, daily, in a natural, pleasurable way. They offer us a unique means to participate directly, deeply, intimately as we are; a part of this wild nature. This is about the development of your own personal yoga, a yoga that is just right for you, that is in alignment with your own body, without any need to get anywhere or achieve anything, just a relaxing into what you already are. One just needs to practice without any seeking. Just breathe. Inhale, exhale. Unfold into your natural state. We look forward to getting to know you

Hatha Yoga

The union of opposites

Daily practice

Asana, pranayama, meditation as a seamless process

Right for you

Adapted to your individual needs

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What People Have to Say About Us

Gaynor has been my yoga teacher for over 10 years . I have
tried many different yoga classes, but Gaynor’s teaching style suits me the best. She is able to teach all levels within one class and knows instinctively our individual needs . I would highly recommend Gaynor’s yoga to beginners but also to the more experienced. Gaynor’s yoga has not only improved my physical wellbeing but also my mental wellbeing , thank you Gaynor.

Anne M

Anne M

CEO, Acme Industries

Gaynor has an informal and easy style of teaching.
She is very conscious of the need to move the breath and is creative with her sequences and asana practices, resulting in increased relaxation and pranic energy.
Her voice is calm, steady, and easy to follow.



CEO, Acme Industries
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