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How social media changed our lives

Sometimes it’s hard to realize how much our lives have changed until we stop and see exactly how different things are compared to five or ten years ago. Whether you want to admit it or not, social media plays a massive role in many people’s lives. Social media is an integral part of my daily life, and frankly, I couldn’t imagine life without it.

There is no doubt that the age of social media has changed us as a society. Typically, it has been a positive thing. Now we can connect with people worldwide with the click of a mouse. We can remain in touch with family and friends, keep up with the most recent information, as well as get connected with brands on a much more personal level. Here are some areas where social media has changed how we interact with each other.


1. Where We Get Our News From.

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The most significant impact is on the Millennial generation, 40% of whom rely on digital channels for news. We no longer have to turn on the evening news to find out what’s happening in our communities and the world around us. Now we can follow breaking news and get instant updates directly through our social media channels.

2. Remain Attached

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The ease of the Internet gives us a sense of urgency to communicate with others. After all, sending an SMS, DM, email, or snapshot only takes a few seconds. The quantity of time it takes to send an instant message and receive a response is highly convenient, making it today’s preferred form of communication.

3. Explore and Discover

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Have you ever wondered what life resembles what life is like in other cities or countries? You might have to research, read a book, or watch a television show to discover other countries and cultures in the past. Social media has made it possible to get a glimpse with minimal effort. In addition to giving you a bird’s eye view of other places, the live feed feature of social media has broken down barriers and made it possible to attend events around the globe virtually. 

4. Collaboration

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The majority of us utilize many different tools that have a social aspect to them, and we use these tools regularly as well. Let’s give an example. Have you ever heard of Wikipedia?

It is a knowledge platform where people can update their views. It is an online encyclopedia and can be used and updated by anyone. Another example is Google Docs, which allows people to edit and share documents online.

With the help of this collective device, which is also called a social medium, you can also download and upload files, as it allows multiple users to use a single platform. Different people can collaborate in a highly personal and result-oriented manner to achieve the expected results well-synchronized. 


5. Broadcast live Moments

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Whether you are attending a great concert or witnessing a severe incident, the ability to broadcast live events as they happen has changed the game in social media and our lives. Live broadcasting has raised awareness and facilitated conversations about controversial topics on the serious side of things. On the lighter side, we can now share more of our daily lives and experiences with those we care about. Hopefully, this will help create momentum for positive change.

At any age, cultures go through numerous changes, and in recent years, our culture has been impacted by social media more than anything else. Social media site is regularly changing and updating themselves every day. I am thrilled to see how they will change in the future and impact my life in the long run.

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