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How To Increase Website Traffic With Content Marketing

Web content marketing is the process of creating, publishing, and distributing various types of content to reach a larger audience.

Any marketing tactic that a) has something to do with content (writtenvisualaudio, or video) is not outbound marketing can be called content marketing.

Sound a Little Frustrating?

Well, allow’s break things down into more precise steps. 

1. Create An Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is a comprehensive plan covering all of your publishing activities across material; distribution network your internet siteblog sitesocial media, and third-party sources.

The objective of an editorial calendar is to provide an overview of all your activities and track progress.

An instance of a content calendar from CoSchedule that includes all social media updates.

2. Create Your Website, Blog site, Social media, and Third-Party Resources

The goal of a content calendar is to provide the content you produce. They are developed as part of a website style guide and include details.

  • Requirements for formatting the content
  • The preferred tone of voice
  • Length of content
  • Use of images
  • Fact-checking and citation requirements
  • Internal and external linking
  • Editorial workflow
  • SEO requirements

Here’s an example of the content writing guidelines we use at WebsiteSetup to create unique content. 

3. Document And Streamline The Process

The objective of an editorial calendar and content creation guidelines is to standardize the content creation process. That way, every writer you work with can understand your expectations and create new content in line with them.

Notion content calendar and  Asana editorial calendar. These two elements form a basic system for a documented content marketing process, a systematized and repeatable workflow for creatingmodifyingpublishing, and distributing content. Try these web content marketing templates to get organized.

4. Create Learning Content and Tutorials

Once you’ve established a formal system for managing the content flow and quality, it’s time to start writing. Determine what types of content you want to create based on the preferences of your target audienceniche, and competition.

A few of the most popular types of marketing content are:

  • Blog posts
  • Whitepapers
  • eBooks
  • Case studies
  • Social media posts
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Influencer content
  • User-generated content

We mainly rely on long blog posts, guides, and tutorials to increase website traffic.

5. Collect Data And Publish Reports

Getting visitors to a new website can be challenging, especially if you don’t yet have a great copywriter writing new posts every day.

So focus on quality over quantity in the early stages. Dive deep into the Internetgather interesting industry datapackage it into a comprehensive report, and publish it on your website.

Investing in a data-driven report pays off in many ways:

Perpetual Content

A detailed report stays relevant over the long term and provides a steady stream of visitors from multiple sources over time.

SEO Benefits

Search engines prefer meaningful content. When you create a well-researched post, you send Google a strong signal for ranking.

Content Reuse

Long-form content can be reused for sharing through various channels such as social mediaemail marketingguest blogging, etc. In addition, such content can be adapted to other audio, video, or visual content formats.

Semrush’s State of Content Marketing 2020 Report is an excellent example of data-driven content.

6. Start a Podcast

The variety of podcast listeners in the United States reached 75 million in 218, and it is predicted that the number will reach 164 million next year. The growing popularity of podcasts makes them an excellent tool for generating traffic. You can include links to the relevant content you mentioned in the podcast description and use voice to promote your website’s name to increase awareness. 

7. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is also getting bigger every year. In 2020, people watched over one billion hours of video on the platform every day.

By creating a YouTube channel, you can take advantage of this colossal viewing habit and drive some views to your website.

Brian Dean of Backlinko, for example, runs a popular blog and a complimentary YouTube channel where he promotes his content offerings (guides, online courses, and other website assets).

8. Reuse Content

Good blog posts have longevity. A data-driven post published on your website can be reused later:

  • A series of posts on social media
  • Downloadable tables, graphs, PDFs.
  • The audio version shared on third-party platforms
  • Video with narration or screencast
  • Email marketing sequence
  • Syndicated content for guest posts

9. Write Guest Posts And Press Releases

To get to a wider audience and drive traffic to your website, you should blog on other websites.

The simplest way to find opportunities for guest posts is to type in-url:writer-for-us + [niche] or in url:/guest-post/ + [niche] into Google.

Both can help you find sites that accept guest posts. Or check out some famous media publishers in your niche and see if they expect pitches/opinion pieces from writers.

Alternatively, use HARO, free service that connects journalists with sources. Sign up for HARO to forward your press releases or quotes to media outlets working on a story about your niche.

10. Create a Linkable Asset

A linkable asset is an intricate content that is strategically optimized to generate backlinks. Example:

  • An industry report or outlook
  • Statistical compilation
  • In-depth case study or how-to guide
  • Original research
  • Narratives based on unique data
  • Interview series
  • Free online tools

Essentially, a linkable asset is a unique piece of content that contains a set of valuable insights that others can reference in their writing.

HubSpot, for example, offers a free website review tool that anyone can use. Since it’s pretty awesome, many people naturally link to it from their blogs and promote it on social media.

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