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Seven tips to make your business flyer stand out

Flyers can be an effective and cost-effective method to promote your business, regardless of its size. One survey found that 48% of recipients of fliers or flyers respond directly to the advertisement by either seeking out the business or requesting additional information.

Although flyer distribution is a widely used marketing strategy, not all flyers serve their purpose in today’s busy marketplace. The goal is to capture and hold people’s attention long enough for them to read your flyer and act on it. How can you achieve this goal?

Below are some proven tips to help your business flyer stand out from the rest

1. Create a focal point

What is the first thing you want people to notice? Captivate readers with that focal point first. To create a unique focal point, you need to use the following:

An eye-catching but professional image: The high quality of the images you use is essential. If the images are dull and unclear, your message will also be boring and unclear to the readers. Always use high-quality, crystal clear, and colorful images that grab attention, create a mood and support your story. By making an image the focal point, you can make the viewer take a closer look at your flyer. 

Brilliant colors: Use colors that match your brand and use colors that catch the eye. If you are using a large image, look for a subtle but active color in the image. Use this color scheme for your leaflet and stay consistent. Avoid using too many colors, making your leaflet distracting rather than eye-catching.

Proper font type and size: Font choice is critical to developing the focus of your flyer. A great image and dazzling colors will work better if you use the right font and size.

Whatever you decide, make sure the text is legible, clean, and reflects your brand. Too much creativity when choosing fonts is not a good idea. Your priority should be that people can read the content of your flyer. Use no more than two fonts for your flyer for a consistent look.

2. Appeal to your target audience

Before creating your flyer, research to determine your target audience that will help you tailor your message and tone to the type of customers, you want to reach. Also, if you want your flyer to stand out, it needs to grab the attention of your target audience.

For example, suppose you only want to appeal to car enthusiasts. In that case, you can use specific terms and descriptions to ensure that your flyer grabs the attention of people who have an interest in buying a car. Also, write from their perspective and use the words “you” and “your” instead of “we,” “us,” or “I.”

3. Focus on the advantages

It’s not enough to grab your customers’ attention. It would help if you got them to stay to get your entire message across. Keep them interested by rewarding their attention. Answer your prospect’s most important question, “What’s in it for me?” Find ways to describe what makes you better than your competitors. You can outdo the competition by using practical terms like “free,” “save,” and “guarantee.”

4. Keep the content simple

When it comes to designing flyers that stand out, less is more. Remember, you only have a few seconds to grab your potential customer’s attention and only another second or two to get them excited about your product. You need concise, to-the-point content about your product, its benefits, and other essential details. Don’t overload your flyer with too many images and text. Create short but compelling content, and keep the following in mind.

A concise headline or title: Make the headline catchy or provocative with a few carefully chosen words. Be creative and use meaningful words and phrases such as ” The Secrets,” “Decode,” “How,” “Discover,” “Proven,and others.

Use action words: Make your product offering more exciting by using active verbs. Avoid using the passive voice.

Use bullet points: Summarize the text, especially the benefits, in easy-to-read and digest bullet points rather than long paragraphs.

5. Include a call to action

After getting your message across to your readers:

  1. Tell them precisely what to do next.
  2. Ask your readers to take action immediately – order now, call, visit your website, etc.
  3. Get them excited about what they learned on your flyer.
  4. Make it clear how you want them to interact with you.
  5. Include important details about your business, such as a website, contact information, location, etc.

6. High-quality printing

Another essential element to creating attention-grabbing flyers is the final printing. A high-quality finish can be as important as anything else you put on your flyer. A glossy finish and high-quality paper for your flyer can help create a great first impression and mirror the top quality of your products or services.

7. Proofread and stay consistent with your brand

Don’t forget to proofread your work or have someone else proofread it. Make sure all the details are correct. One misspelled word or inaccurate contact number can make your flyer worthless. However, you want to attract attention, not for the incorrect factors, so double-check everything before printing. Also, make sure all elements are perfectly aligned with your brand identity.

An effective flyer features a harmonious combination of straightforward messaging, eye-catching design, and impeccable craftsmanship. To avoid language or design elements that are boring or overdone, consider what you would prefer as a reader. Put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes. What would be an exciting proposition for you? What would impress you about a business flyer? Then you’ll be able to create practical and memorable flyers.

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