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What Our Customers Are Saying?


“Optimized Funnel Templates" Is NOT a Course


It’s a SET of fill-in-the-blanks high-converting copywriting scripts of sales pages, emails and ads. Easy to edit. Ready to use.

the #1 PROBLEM of pages that don't sell is



Just research your competitors….

Those who are doing exceptionally.

All great marketers FOCUS heavily on copywriting.

“The #1 Reason Your Funnel Isn’t Converting

Is Your Copy..."

I understand how you feel.

I used to HATE writing myself.

It’s so time consuming and so hard to get started.

And the pressure for myself to write TOP sales page from scratch. THAT’S HAAAARD.

I remember staring at the blinking cursor, unable to start.

Know the feeling?

Terrible… Right?

But one day decided to …

Build Templates

And Everything Changed

Why Did I Not Think Of This Sooner?

Difference #1:

Pre-Written Templates

I’m bad at writing. Really BAD...

Will This Work For Me?

Honest no script in the world would replace YEARS of practicing copywriting.

BUT! You can use these proven templates to get the 95% of the result in MINUTES. The scripts use all psychological triggers that help you highlight the most important features that convince people to buy. That’s a deal I would take any day.

Actually, the worse you are, the bigger improvement you will get from the templates.

But My English Is Terrible

How Can I Convince People To Buy?

I will let you in on a little secret.

Many studies show average user has 5th grade reading level.

So keep it simple. This will likely improve your sales. People just understand it better.

Ok... But If Everyone Use These Templates

How Can They Work?

If you asked 100 people to describe the apple, would they all give the same answer?

You are unique and you have unique view on your product or service. So you probably notice different benefits of your product. And you describe it in different words.

You can always add extra flavor to the templates. Just use the 100+ of the Best Words and Phrases for Marketing with Emotion


Templates Are Pre-Written

You can use them to any extent you want. First, just copy-paste and fill-in-the-blanks.

Later you maybe interested to try different phrases to describe your product.

Templates give you confidence to experiment. You have things that work and you can customize them any way you want.

Here is EVERYTHING You Need To

Write Sales Texts

In few minutes

Total Value (If You Hired Copywriter): $2,039

$5.95 Today!

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7 Reasons

To Use Optimized Funnel Templates

Why waste hours of your time being worried and frustrated the whole time? Just fill-in-the-blanks and you’re done

Where to even find a great copywriter? They charge a lot, but do they deliver the content that make a difference in sales?

People will be far more convince with your product. Often they would still buy it with higher prices. Once they are truly SOLD they don’t care about the price so much.

More sales = more profit. You will more revenue from the same visitors.

With copywriting taken care of you can solve other obstacles.

No more wondering and procrastinating. You need sales page – boom, done.

Yes, you have everything it takes to succeed.

What Others Are Saying:

The 3-STEP

Copywriting System



#1: Pick a template

You need an ad? Sales page? Email?

Copy-paste the template. Fill in your product information.

#2: Spice it up with best marketing phrases

It’s still missing something?

Just open 100+ of the Best Words and Phrases for Marketing with Emotion and add a cherry on top.






#3: Celebrate 🎉

Test out the new content and see the sales numbers go crazy.

It’s about time you stopped to celebrate this win.

You finally a have business which is growing fast.

Here Is EVERYTHING You Need To

Grow Your Sales

In Every Step Of The Funnel

Facebook Ads Templates

Looking into the top performing Facebook Ads I started to notice clear patterns.

All the Sponsored posts with 3k-10k likes had similar layout.

PRO TIP: Also try different headline variations (included).

Sales Page Templates

Huge Headache - Gone

Sales pages take so long to write.

What do you even write there?

Check these pre-written 7 figure sales funnel templates.

Email Series

We Got You Covered.

You own your emails. It would be shame to let it go to waste.

Most brands lead 30-40% of customer LTV on the table because they ignore email marketing. Think about the competitive edge you’ll get.

Social Media Posts

Be Noticed Or Be Dead

Probably that’s too much…

But really… The more you post, the more people remember your brand and trust it.

So start posting frequently.

Bonus #4

10 Phrases that can hurt your sales

Are you using these phrases that users hate?

Some bad wording may cause your user to doubt your authority and credibility.

High-Impact Bonus:

Winning Video Ad Formula

1 great video ad can make a huge difference in your ad campaigns.

Telling the right story very important. You also want to show each elements in the right order.

Hook them, amaze them, push to act.

Value: $299

P.S. We’ll be selling this as a standalone product later, but you can get it for FREE only during this promo period.

Here is EVERYTHING You Need To

Write Sales Texts

In few minutes

Total Value (If You Hired Copywriter): $2,039

$5.95 Today!

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"Hi, I am Karolis Rudelis...
… and I used to hate copywriting.

Most likely we have few things in common…

I have build and scaled several e-commerce stores and I know how frustrating is copywriting. Where to even start to write convincing ad or headline?

Over time I got better with it. I want you to save your time and focus on growing your business rather then spending hours writing.

But I know how important copywriting is. Without a great copy, I wouldn’t have been able to sell any of my products (… and more importantly: wouldn’t have had such an impact on their lives.) So I had no choice. I had to learn it.

I clearly remember how hard it was at the beginning. And I don’t want you to experience long-long hours in front of a screen, with a blank document opened, staring at a blinking cursor and NOT knowing HOW to start.

I felt TERRIBLE and overwhelmed during these moments. That was…

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Get the whole “Optimized Funnel Templates” package and try it.

Most likely you will notice immediate growth. More sales, leads.

But if for whatever reason this does not work for you, just contact me within 30 days and we I will refund you 100%, no questions asked. Heck, you can contact me EVEN AFTER the 30 days are long over.

Say BYE, BYE to...

But that is about to change.

Use the pre-written scripts that are optimized to sell:
Frequently Asked Questions
What exactly is "Optimized Funnel Templates"?

It is a set of pre-written templates. Just copy-paste, fill-in-the-blanks and use them for any part of your sales funnel.

Who is this for?

These templates are tested and proven to work with e-commerce and digital products.

When do I get access to all the content?

You get ALL of the content within minutes to the email address you used during the checkout.

Why is it only $5.95?

The real market value of this product is $77. The heavily discounted price of $5.95 is just temporal, part of our launch campaign to gain traction and word-of-mouth recommendations.

How can templates work if others use them too?

Templates are pre-written but you still need to put in information about your product. For example [Main problem your product solves]. This makes your templates unique and fresh.

I don't use Clickfunnels, will this still be useful for me?

Of course. These templates are universal and can be used on any platform.

What if I tried it and it isn't for me?

We got you covered. Try these templates for 30 days and if they don’t make back your money 10 fold, contact us and we will refund you in full.

Here is EVERYTHING You Need To

Write Sales Texts

In few minutes

Total Value (If You Hired Copywriter): $2,039

$5.95 Today!

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