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VA Work provides professional Virtual Assistant support to a wide spectrum of businesses and private clients.
━━ About Company

Welcome To VA Work

VA Work provides professional Virtual Assistant support to a wide spectrum of businesses and private clients. We are based right here in the UK and utilize extensive experience and skill sets, whilst ensuring value for money, flexibility and confidentiality.

Our VAs have at least 10 years experience and are the most talented VAs available in the UK, fully vetted and ready to hit the ground running for you.

VA Work provides a wide range of services in a cost-effective and efficient way, that can help you to free up your time so as to focus on the important tasks to make your business grow.

Imagine your inbox professionally managed or business travel arranged to the smallest detail. A family holiday or preparing a presentation? No problem – leave it with us.

All our VAs are self-employed and work remotely from their home office to provide professional administrative, technical or creative assistance to clients.

There are no employee costs to you other than the rate agreed at the time of engagement. You gain all the skills, experience and flexibility you require to ensure your business continues to grow, but for a fraction of the cost.

"Hiring Ewa as Grantify's VA/Executive assistant was one of the best decisions we've ever made.

Without her, I'm certain we would not have grown at half the rate we grew in our early days."
━━ How We Work

Four Steps Process

Step 1: Book A Call

We would like to get to know you and your business requirements. During our free consultation, we'll discuss your requirements and the kind of qualities you’re looking for in a VA.
Your consultation is also an opportunity for you to learn more about VA Work.

We then go away and discuss which of our amazing VAs would be the best fit for you, and subsequently put forward our recommendation to you.

Step 2: E-Meet Your VA

We want to make sure you get to work with your dream VA from day one.

As mentioned before, all our VAs go through a very detailed recruitment process and are fully vetted. With their sets of skills and years of experience, we are confident you'll be in very good hands.

However, we think it's important for you both to connect independently, well before you sign up to our service, to make sure you're a right fit for each other.

Step 3: Paperwork

Right, so you're almost ready to go.

There are just a couple of formalities to complete, like signing the agreement and making a payment.

Step 4: Task Allocation

All set!
Please provide your task list and deadlines to your new VA and we will do the rest.

At VA Work, we don’t only want to lighten your daily workload but we want to enable you to grow your business for many more years to come.

Our goal is to build happy, long-term client relationships here.

Did you know, you save over 40% when you hire a VA over a PA?
Take a look at how much you can save.
━━ How It Works

How We Can Help

All our VAs have years of experience gained within a variety of sectors. Before becoming one of our VAs, each candidate goes through a detailed recruitment process, to include reference checks, and only a small percentage of those who apply get to work with our clients.

Every VA is vetted before they embark on an assignment. We have high standards and are very picky indeed!

Also, we are UK based with no cultural clashes, no scripts and no time differences either – there when you need us.

We offer professional and personal support with the following:

Diary And Inbox Management

We can help keep your inbox clean and clutter-free, thereby freeing up precious time that can otherwise be better spent on running your successful business. Taking control of booking your meetings and appointments and sending you reminders via SMS or email allows for better use of your precious time.

Travel arrangements and logistics

Allow us to take the strain of finding the best fares and arranging your schedule to make your travel time as efficient as possible. Coupled with a detailed itinerary, your travel arrangements will never have been organised so stress free.

Research, Reports & Presentations

General online research, SWOT analysis, competitor analysis and more. We can pull together all of the elements, presented in a suitable format ready for your discussion.


Let us bear the strain of checking for spelling and grammatical errors. Upon completion, you'll be provided with both an annotated and clean copy.


Audio typing is a core skill of any secretary or PA. Speed and accuracy is paramount. Files can be sent electronically and returned in Work or Google Doc formats.

Project Management

Bring together workstreams, enjoy regular reporting and someone to ensure deadlines and budgets are all met.

Minute Taking

This service can be offered remotely, purely via dial-in or video conference. Draft minutes are submitted in a timely manner for checking prior to distribution.

Event Management

From concept to delivery, we can source venues, contractors and negotiate on your behalf, to include guest/delegate management and programme creation. Make it one to remember!


Liaison with all appropriate agencies in addition to online research for those specific and niche roles. From interview co-ordination to on-boarding, we can help.

Database management

From data mapping to data cleansing, we can ensure your precious data is always clean and fit for its purpose.

Personal & Family

We can help with private household management, utility bills, family holidays, school research and much more.

"she has proven to be highly organised, trustworthy and importantly, highly reliable.
She understood the needs and demands on me as a professional"
━━ Why Choose Us

The Benefits

Perhaps one of the reasons you haven’t yet delegated work to a Virtual Assistant is the cost. You think you can’t afford one, or the hourly rate looks too high.

Hiring a VA comes with none of the associated employee/employer costs – you’ll only pay for the time you need. You can see below, that a VA will not only save your company money but will actually help you make money.

How? Well, for example, you charge £80 per hour for a coaching session/treatment. If you pay a VA £30 an hour to sort out your admin rather than doing it yourself, you are free then to earn that £80. After costs, you’ll have made £50. You’ll earn the money and will have more time to grow your business.

VA vs PA

7 Reasons: Consider the benefits

Here are seven reasons why you really need to hire a VA for your business.

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Weigh Up The Difference!

Hiring a VA saves you a lot of money!

Have you realised that by hiring a VA, you’re saving, on average, 40% compared to a traditional PA.

Based on an average London salary of £40k, take a look at the costs incurred between engaging a full-time Virtual Assistant over an employed PA.

See our FAQs section for further info.

"...Thank you so much for your help.
You brought order to the chaos."
━━ Pricing Plans

Affordable Pricing Plans For You

20 Hours

£600 pm

This is perfect for you if:

40 Hours

£1200 pm

This is perfect for you if:

60 Hours

£1800 pm

This is perfect for you if:

During our call, we'll talk you through all the options to help you find the right package for you.

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"...Ewa was the spark to Grantify that allowed us to scale and I couldn't recommend
either her or VA Work highly enough...""
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