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What makes a good website

Your website is likely to be the first impression your business makes on potential customers. However, advice on what makes a good website – one that attracts buyers and builds trust in your brand – can vary widely from person to person.

Before creating a great website, it’s essential to know what the typical customer is interested in when visiting your site. If you are a local business, they may need directions, prices, or contact information. If you offer a service, visitors to your website may be most interested in booking an appointment or reading testimonials from satisfied customers.

Like it or not, a good website is essential in our digital world if you want to grow your business. If you want to learn precisely how to create a good website, we’re here to help. Continue reading for some essential tips on how to create your website. We can help you apply practical website design concepts to your existing website for those who already have a solid online presence.

What Makes a Great Website?

As you spend your time on the internet, you may not have thought about what makes an excellent website. What ingredients make you want to buy from one company’s website over another’s?

The elements used to design a good website are likely to influence visitors on a subconscious level. The best designs minimize distractions, are easy to navigate, and communicate your story.

What Makes a good business website?

For businesses, a good website design depends on the information provided as it does on aesthetics. The characteristics of a good business website have far more to do with what turns your website visitors into paying customers than anything else.

When considering what makes a good website design for your business, please make a list of the things your customers are most likely to want when they visit your site. What do you want potential customers to know, and how do you want them to perceive your business when they visit your website?

Organize this information and present it clearly to build visitor confidence.

For best results, contact a top marketing agency like Apple Dew.

Three Characteristics of a Great Website

Whether designing a new website or updating an existing one, you should first consider what your customers will see. Branding is essential, and a great website always emphasizes it. Research shows that 94% of the first impression of a website depends on the design.

As well as a simple, attractive design, your website design must be consistent with your existing brand image. You may need to update or create a branding guide for your business.

1. Your Website Reflects Your Business/Brand

One of the first principles of good web design is that you should update the appearance of your website according to current standards. An outdated design leaves a wrong impression. And if your website is not up to date, your customers will have the impression that your products and services are.

2. Your Website Is Expandable If You Offer New Products/Services

In addition, your website should be designed to be easily expanded to include additional products and services. When considering your website design, remember that navigation and menu structure is essential to present your website visitors’ products and services.

Your site map must be in line with the long-term goals of your business. The hallmark of a good business website is good today and being able to grow as your company grows.

3. Your website is easy to use and navigate

Then make sure your website is easy to use and navigate. Potential customers should find the information they need quickly, and an easy-to-use menu is the foundation of good web design.

Creating a successful website is often about things as simple as allowing customers to quickly find product information, appointment scheduling, and contact information.

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How to Make a Good Website

When starting to design, it is essential to understand how to create a good website. It may be helpful to look at other businesses’ websites and assess what is and isn’t a good website. Below are a couple of points to assist you to begin.

Incorporate a Good Logo, Graphics, and Consistent Branding

Consistency is the key to developing a great website. Effective website design also means that the overall impression your customers receive matches your brand. If you already have a logo, start with your logo and choose fonts, colors, and graphics that emphasize your brand.

A good website might be formal and straightforward if you’re a law firm, while a nursery might use fun colors and more attractive font. If you hire someone to create your graphic design, you should know what is essential when writing a brief for a graphic designer.

Provide Your Company Information in the Expected Places

Customers have to be able to find the information they need quickly. This includes your location, your contact information, and your product descriptions. A good website design makes this information easily accessible.

Information about your company can usually be found on the “About Us” page and at the bottom of each page.

Working with a company that offers professional web design, like Apple Dew, can help you ensure that your website is as customer-friendly as possible.

Make Sure Your Contact Information Is Consistent (Consistent NAP)

Ensure that contact information is always up to date. Name, address, and telephone number (NAP) is an essential part of search engine optimization and one of the essential features of a well-designed website.

If you do not keep this information up to date, customers will not contact you, and your ranking in search results will undoubtedly be negatively affected.

Build Your Site to Be Responsive

Responsive website design is not just a trend today but one of the essential features that make a website successful. Responsive website design, one of the most popular website designs, means that your web pages automatically adjust to the dimension of your screen, whether you are viewing them on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

With mobile internet usage ahead of desktop computer usage, accounting for 63% of internet visits in 2018, this is one of the most critical aspects of creating a great website.

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Optimize Your Website for SEO

If your web pages do not rank well, your customers will not be able to find you. Optimizing your web pages is an essential part of a successful website.

Fast Web Page Load Speed Is Critical

Search engines want to make surfing as pleasant as possible for the consumer. A good website is characterized by fast loading times, among other things.

If your website loads too slowly, you will be penalized. If your graphics or videos are too large to load quickly or launch smoothly, your design could harm your company’s bottom line.

Optimize Your Website for CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

The ability to analyze conversion rates is another factor that can make a website great. Establish ways to test how many of your visitors become paying customers regularly.

This can include A/B testing and setting up analytics to monitor how customers are interacting with your website. Ongoing CRO is a great way to get leads for your business over some time.

Add Testimonials and Testimonial Videos from Customers

Efficient website design means that visitors get what they need. If possible, a post is written or video reviews of your products and services on your website. No less than 70% of consumers read reviews before buying a product.

Text testimonials are better for your SEO efforts than video-only reviews. If you decide to use video, you should include a script to get the most out of your SEO efforts.

Secure Your Site with SSL and Firewall Protection

The best website design is useless if your website is not secure. Not only is there a big SEO difference between HTTP and HTTPS, but customers are put off by the security warnings they receive from their browsers or antivirus software.

If you are unsure how to get the proper security certification for your website, you can work with an experienced web developer to ensure your website is secure.

When you’re ready to create an excellent website for your business, trust an experienced design team. We can help you research your business goals, learn more about your target audience and create a website that gets results. Get in touch with Apple Dew about our web design services today.

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