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Essential tips for creating fantastic business flyers

A business flyer is among the most inexpensive but versatile marketing materials for small business owners. They contain a lot of information on a thin and handy full page; printed flyers help convey a brand message brilliantly. In addition to printed flyers, their digital counterparts also help businesses effectively attract customers online.

But why do business owners need flyers to promote their products and services? How can they help them create first impressions of brands? What are some ways to create a professional business flyer? If these inquiries come to your mind, then this article will give you a brief overview of the importance of business flyers by answering these questions.

A flyer, also known as a circular or a leaflet, is one of the ways to advertise on a thin sheet of paper. Everyone who travels a lot and uses the internet has undoubtedly seen flyers. The primary purpose of creating these flyers is to distribute them in a public place.

Even big brands distribute these flyers randomly to people on the sidelines of an event. Digital flyers, on the other hand, are the ads you see on your screen very often. So, colorful marketing tools are part of the strategies to reach an audience.


Why does your business need flyers?

Flyers have many advantages over other marketing materials. If your company is a small business, fliers can prove to be the most cost-effective marketing source because the total cost of the product is within a small budget.

From design to printing, the cost of fliers is very affordable and manageable for new business owners. It creates an impression that quickly grabs the attention of customers. That’s because these tangible promotional materials easily engage readers. You can experiment with many forms of flyers to grab attention and connect with potential customers.

Another advantage of using flyers for smaller businesses is that they can distribute them on a larger scale. This way, they can reach thousands of people at once. Create these flyers using a flyer maker and distribute them on the sidelines of a business event or in a busy location to increase your brand’s reach, just like pizza or Dominos stores do.

Flyers are one of the most efficient methods to engage people with brands. Recently, a survey was conducted to determine how much time people spend looking at digital or print flyers for businesses.

The response from respondents was encouraging for marketers. According to the surveys, ten percent of respondents said they spend up to 30 minutes a week looking at or reading promotional flyers.

Here are some essential tips for creating impressive business flyers

01. Specify information accurately

The first and most important thing to consider is the amount of information that should include in your flyers. The rule is to keep it to a minimum.

Most people don’t have the time to read everything about your business in a flyer or other marketing gimmick. Therefore, get to the heart of the essential points about your business and your offerings before drawing the reader’s attention to something else.

So when you use copy, edit it until you have a small piece of content that’s good enough to convey a message to readers right away. But even the short pieces of information should be easy to read.

So spread out the text in a big and bold headline, subheadings, and bullet points. Please include your contact information in bold and colorful letters so potential customers can find it quickly.

Most importantly, include a large image of your brand. People should get your business flyer message through such a simple image.

 02. Prepare a unique layout

Flyers are more petite and leave limited space to display your essential information. If you are using flyer creation software, make sure you use the small print area.

A standard format for business flyers is A5 [ 148 mm x 210 mm ] or A6 [ 105 mm x 148 mm ]. So, an innovative and unique layout will help you spread the information perfectly. So first, use a creative grid system to present the information in a neat and clean layout. Think about a layout or grid where you can put all the essential details.

But at the same time, the information should look clean, uncluttered, and well-proportioned. Many modern companies can show you experimental layouts. 

03. Keep it simple

When you create a layout, you should choose a simple design. Customers don’t like to get involved in the complexity of the design.

Therefore, it should be an intelligent mix of bright colors and novel fonts that look clean and simple. The overall look of your flyer should be that of an aesthetic design that is minimalistic and subtle.

04. Create exciting flyers

Your flyer must immediately grab the potential customer’s attention. Whether your flyer has a bold statement or a moderate one, it must read excitingly, without a hint of boredom. The design should reflect the festival’s spirit, discounts, events, etc., that the company is offering.

When designing flyers for businesses, you should choose eye-catching, bright colors with bold tones. Another tip for designing such flyers is to use a large but eye-catching photo in the center of the top section.

Then put an attention-grabbing header that shares the message. Also, remember to use a color element that adds dimension to the business flyer.

The general impression of a flyer should be cheerful and optimistic. Please don’t make it a rugged design unless your campaign calls for it. Instead, you can choose a somewhat childish design that people would love to keep with them for some time.

05. Get inspiration from apps

How about taking inspiration from apps when designing flyers? Even if your flyer is a print product, you may be selling products or services available online.

By incorporating app design elements into a flyer, your target customers will be able to make a good connection with your offerings. In today’s world, most customers use online platforms to interact with brands.

06. Put a smiling face

Another proven trick to attract people to your business is to put a smiling human face on the flyer. Such a friendly face is the first contact with your business and leaves a good impression on people.

If your business flyer advertises services, it is even more critical that a friendly face is part of the design. People will keep this “face” in mind when searching for your products or services online.

So post a friendly and personable photo that people can identify with. Such an image will make your business more customer-friendly. However, avoid using pictures of human faces, as people may have seen them before.

Many flyers or other promotional materials already use these images. Instead, hire a professional photographer and take high-quality photos of a model that skillfully represents your brand. Use this image on your social media platforms and website.

07. Use your brand elements

Readers need to recognize your brand immediately when they pick up and read your flyer. Your message on the flyer can get lost if readers don’t know the brand.

Therefore, you should include your brand elements when creating a flyer. Such brand elements are your logo, website URL, and tagline.

But when you think about how to create flyers, you should know which of these elements you want to highlight on the flyer. If you have a brand font, you should use it to ensure a consistent design.

This way, people who have visited your website or used products before will be able to recognize the flyer. Or, if they are visiting or using your products for the first time, they may recognize the elements they saw on the flyer. That may be a mascot or other imagery that makes you quickly recognizable.

08. Give your flyer a unique shape

One way to separate yourself from your rival’s flyers is to give your flyer a unique design. Consider the shape when determining the layout. Since flyers are a tangible design, people first get an impression of the shape. You should experiment with different shapes and try to design something modular.

You can create a shape-based layout to give the impression of a photo collage that represents a business flyer.

You can also use a tool like a photo collage maker to create fantastic collages for the association in your flyer design. How about circles that overlap and contain text sections? Such flyers are suitable for most businesses.

Or how about adding some playful elements to the shape of your flyer? Try a variety of shapes, such as layered squares, rectangles, circles, polygons, etc. Think about how you can attract potential customers by using the unique shape of your flyer.

09. Use colors to brighten up the mood

Colors are known for their ability to stir our emotions. When you create your business flyer with the software, use this property of colors to convey your brand message.

Choose the right color palette that matches your brand image. However, make sure that color is a solid psychological element in your flyer design. At least, you need to know which colors evoke which emotions.

For example, the color red conveys the emotions and feelings of warmth, love, passion, aggression, etc.

Similarly, yellow and orange tones are used primarily on graphic designs to make them appear optimistic and bubbly, which is just perfect for informal flyer designs. For cooler tones, use pale grays, icy blues, etc., if you run a technology-related business.

If you can’t decide which color is best for your flyers, choose black and white, which is timeless and can also serve as a background for any color. If you want to give your flyers a stylish look, use bright neon colors or fresh pastel shades and combine them with monochrome photos.

10. Use the right paper

Depending on the occasion, choose the right printing paper for your flyers. If you want people to keep the flyers with them for an extended period, pay attention to the thickness of the paper.

A cheap, thin paper is likely to be quickly thrown in the trash can. On the other hand, a thicker paper is enticing and will be taken as a sign of luxury.

If you want to use the flyer to promote your products or services, you should use 135 grams per square meter (gsm) paper because it spreads well. It gives your flyer a professional look.

You should use 170 grams per square meter for a business flyer, which is two times thicker than printing paper. However, to make a lasting first impression on readers, use high-quality 400 gsm flyer paper, whose thickness can be contrasted to that of a postcard.

So, these are the main points you should consider when designing your flyer to give it a professional look. Make sure you explore the features of the Flyermaker tool very well to create the design.

A perfectly designed business flyer is the best way to leave a lasting impression on the target customers. You can do this by considering the function of the flyer for your target audience. Use an irregular grid to give the design a close but unique look. Put a smiling face on the flyer and choose your brand elements like colors. Also, give your flyer an impressive shape. The right paper thickness of your flyer is also vital to making an impression on potential customers.

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